Applying for Documents required for US Visitor Visa? Here is All You need to know

Today we will show you all you need to know about applying for documents that you need to approve your US visitor Visa. Learn About Documents Required To Apply US Visitor Visa – Aside from Canada and Australia, the US is arguably the major destinations for many immigrants wishing to move abroad for better opportunities. With high job wages, high employment opportunities, quality standard of living and so much more, the United State is still on the top list of most immigrant aspirants.

The first step you must to take to begin your US visa application, is to find out under what kind of visa you are allowed to come to the United States. After you have chosen the US visa that you wish to apply for, you should check the criteria and start preparing the documents that are required for that visa.

Documents required to Apply US Visitor Visa

  • A valid original passport (must be valid at least six months prior to your arrival date in USA).
  • Old Passports.
  • A copy of your photograph with the right specification. Both soft and hard copy of the photograph should be taken along.
  • A DS160 US Visa application confirmation page duly stamped at the Visa Application Center (VAC).
  • Receipt that shows evidence of payment.
  • Your US Interview appointment letter.

Other documents for US Visitor Visa

  • Interview officer will verify that you meet all the eligibility requirements for the US visitor visa and also confirm that you have a concrete reason for wanting to visit the USA.
  • The officer will also verify that you have evidence that you are financially sufficient to support yourself during your stay in the USA.
  • Also ensure to present a proof to the interview officer that you have connections that will make you come back to your home country after the expiration of your visa in the USA.
  • You should also provide evidence to your reason for coming to visit the USA, intention to leave the United States after your stay, and arrangements that you have made to support yourself in the course of your trip.

Due to the several different circumstance of applicants we cannot be specific about the exact visa documents they are required to go with.

Other suggested documents for visitor visa

  • Employment letter verification if employed.
  • If you are a government staff you have to obtain a National Occupational Classification NOC.
  • If you are self-employed, you have to obtain proof that you own a business and your financial proof.

The list of US visa documents listed above are not compulsory, because every document an applicant needs depend on his/her case and some of these documents may not be applicable to that applicant. In addition, there may be more documents required by the embassy to support your case.

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