Canada Study Permit 2021 – Requirements And How To Apply

Even though everyone wishes to study in Canada, not everyone has a Canadian Visa.

But do you know you can actually study for many years in Canada without having a visa? All you need is a Canadian study permit.

A study permit is a document that permits foreign nationals to study at designated learning institutions in Canada (From

Below are the steps involved in obtaining a Canadian study permit in 2021:

Apply at a Canadian University and get your admission letter

The first step is to get admission into a tertiary institution in Canada after being accepted, is that you should get your admission letter, with which you will use to process your study visa.

Proceed with the application for the Canadian study visa

1. Apply online for a study visa on the citizenship and immigration Canada (CIC)’s website.
2. Send the visa application documents.
3. Deliver the admission letter and also an evidence of sufficient financial resources or scholarship to support your study.
4. Submit evidence that shows you have no criminal record and also medical records that indicates you are in good health.

Get ready all documents needed for the Student visa application. Documents like:

1. A filled study permit form.
2. An original copy of the admission letter from the tertiary Institution where you want to study.
3. A valid passport or travel document with which you will be able to return to your home country. This is not required of students from the United States.
4. Two passport photographs with your full name and date-of -birth written on it’s back.
5. Evidence showing you have enough financial resources to cater for your needs throughout your stay in Canada.
6. A letter of intent.
7. A proof of payment of the study permit fee, which is 150 Canadian Dollars.

The language requirements needed to obtain a study permit in Canada

Although an evidence showing you understand English is not required for a study visa, universities will require that from you.

Except you come from an English-speaking Country, you have to run a test of English language proficiency, which may be one of the following:

1. IELTS Academic.
3. PTE Academic.
4. C1 Advanced.

The biometrics appointment and Interview

Eventually, you will have to visit a visa application centre for the submission of your biometrics. The required fee for this is 85CAD (Canadian Dollars). You might also be called for an interview and that might also require a little fee.

The Bottom line

The processing time usually takes no more than 90 days, after which you are legally certified to travel and study in Canada.

However, note that your student visa expires 90 days after your studies are completed, in the space of time before the expiry, you can also apply for a work permit which will grant your permission to be allowed to search for job vacancies or even be self-employed.