Canada Work Permit 2021 – All you Need to know and How to Apply

Although everyone wishes to secure a job in Canada, not everyone has a visa through which they will be able to travel to Canada and apply for vacancies.

But do you know that you can actually work freely in Canada or search for vacancies without having to process a visa? This is made possible by the Canadian work permit.

A work permit is a permission to take a job and work in a foreign country. A Canadian work permit allows a foreigner to work and earn in the country for a temporary period of time.

There are more than one type of work permits in Canada, and each one has a particular purpose for it’s application and also it’s requirements.

Types of work permits in Canada, and how to go about each

1. Open work permit.
2. Closed work permit.

Open work permit

An open work permit allows a foreigner access to reside in Canada without yet having a job offer. An open work permit allows the immigrant to search for vacancies upon his/her arrival in Canada.

A foreigner applying for an open work permit does not need the Labour Market Impact Accessment (LMIA).

There are two types of open work permits, the unrestricted and the restricted open work permit.

An unrestricted work permit allows a foreigner to search for vacancies in any qualified occupation and work in any part of the country.

A restricted work permit is just the opposite. The foreigner is restricted to a particular occupation and location based on medical status or any other reason.

Closed work permit

A closed work permit allows the immigrant to reside in Canada and work for a specific employer. This type of work permit will require the employer to apply for the Labour Market Impact Accessment (LMIA).

Applying for a work permit in Canada – Steps and stages involved

There are mainly four stages involved in getting a work permit and resuming work in Canada.

1. The Employer (or the employing company) applies for a Labour Market Impact Accessment (LMIA).

“A Labour Market Impact Accessment (LMIA) is a document that the employing company needs to get before hiring a foreign worker”. (From

2. The employing company offers the vacancy to foreigners (including those currently residing outside Canada).

3. The foreigner picks interest in the job, finds out everything he/she needs to know about the job, recieves the job letter offer and the contract and then proceeds with the application of a Canadian work permit.
To apply for a Canadian work permit, the applicant needs the following:

1. The job letter offer that was sent by the employing company.
2. The contract.
3. A copy of the LMIA document that the employing company had applied for.
4. The LMIA number.

4. The foreigner waits for the issuing of the work permit and then starts processing his/her travel to Canada.