Highest Paying Jobs In Australia

A brief display of the 15 highest paying jobs in Australia

It’s not a new thing to observe that everyone in Australia (both citizens and immigrants) desires a good and decent job. These same people also want a job that pays good money, so they keep keeping eyes on the highest-paying jobs in their vincinity.

However, not all all decents jobs are paying much, and not all high paying jobs are stressless.

But to save you off the stress,we have compiled a list of the highest paying jobs in Australia that are decent and also not that stressful.

1. General Counsel

It’s a fact obviously known that the law sector is a high paying niche. According to MichaelPage.com.au, In-House General Counsel is the highest paying job in the whole of Australia.

A General Counsel is the chief Lawyer In a legal department or company. A General Counsel can look forward to earning about $438,000 per annum.

2. Anaesthetist

Anaesthetists are medical personnels attached to the surgical department, and their work is to administer anaesthesia to patients.

The median annual income for Anaesthetists in Australia is $385,242. This means that more than average get paid more than this.

3. Surgeon

Surgeons are medical personnels that perform preoperative diagnosis, surgical operations and post operative treatments on patients.

General surgeons earn an average annual income of $320,180. Neurosurgeons recieve an average salary of $600,387 annually.

4. Chief Technology Officer

A chef Technology Officer (CTO) is in charge of managing the technical department of a company working to achieve technological development.

In 2021, being a CTO can earn you up to $320,000 every year.

5. Sales Director

A sales Director is tasked with heading a company’s sales department, setting of goals and strategies including analysing of sales data.

Sales Directors in Australia earn an average annual income of $260,000 and also enjoy bonuses that can be up to $150,000 in a year.

6. Chief Financial Officer

A chief Financial Officer (CFO) is in charge of the management of the financial activities, monitoring of the cash flow and review of the company’s strength and weaknesses.

The average annual salary for this job is $350,000 and can be increased up to $450,000 with time.

7. General Manager

You probably must have anxiously expected me to mention this.

A General Manager is the overseer of all a company’s operations and every single activity taking place.

The median annual salary for General Managers is $280,000, although can be up to $500,000 in thriving companies.

8. Internal Medicine Specialist

An Internal Medicine Specialist (also know as a General Physician) diagnose and treat a wide range of Medical diseases.

The average income an Internal Medicine Specialist can expect is $268,247 per annum.

The Bottom line

Other high-paying jobs in Australia are Investment Director (up to $320,000), a psychiatrist (up to $300,000), an Engineering Manager(over $200,000), Chief Operating Officer (up to 300,000), A Senior Site Manager (up to $250,000), a Solution Architect (Average of $180,000) and a Mining Engineer (average annual income of $156,126).