Highest Paying Jobs In The United States 2021

Overview of the top 5 high-paying jobs in the United States.

We are now in an era where almost no one gets respected if he’s poor. Everyone, young and old now values education greatly and now thrives to get employed to a respectable profession.

Not all jobs pay enough though, but we have compiled a list of the highest paying jobs in the United States.

1. Surgeons.
2. Judges.
3. Lawyers.
4. Bank Managers.
5. Chief Executive Officers.


A surgeon is a medical staff that performs diagnosis, surgical operations and post-operative treatments on patients.

The average annual income range for a Surgeon in the United States is between 180,000 to 543,000 USD.


A public official whose duty it is to administer the law, especially by presiding over trials and rendering judgments; a justice.

Judges should earn much because of the highly sensitive responsibilities attached to their daily work activities. Their slightest mistake might ruin the life and career of anyone, and that’s not usually reversible.

The average annual income range of a Judge in the United States is between 151,000 to 456,000 USD.


A lawyer is a legal representative in a Court of law. Lawyers earn much simply because their clients see them basically as one way to avoid being jailed, and they do everything to make sure their lawyer is comfortable.

The average annual income range of a Lawyer in the United States is between 122,000 to 369,000 USD.

Bank Managers

A Bank Manager oversees all the activities going on the Bank. All the commercial transactions, cash flow, vault security, employees management and many other functions are supervised by the ban manager.

A Bank Manager should earn much simply because of the huge and risky responsibilities attached to his job.

The average annual income range of a Bank Manager in the United States is between 115,000 to 347,000 USD.

Chief Executive Officers

A Chief Executive Officer is the highest-ranking corporate officer or executive officer of a corporation, company, or agency, responsible for carrying out the policies of the board of directors on a day-to-day basis.

A CEO is primarily responsible for the failure and progress of a Firm, and he often take a the credit for both. This being said, a CEO should be paid as much as possible.

Obviously, the salary range of a CEO in the United States can never be accurate, since the income of a CEO depends on the financial status and success of the company. However, the standard average annual income range should be between 100,000 to 326,000 USD.