Top 5 Canadian Scholarships for Undergraduates (Foreign Students) 2021

An overview of the Top 5 Scholarship Programs available for foreign Canadian students in 2021

It’s always a thing of joy and happiness coupled with respect, to graduate from the top universities in Canada.

However, its also important to remember that education in Canada requires huge money, most especially for foreign students whose previous currencies are lower in value than the Canadian Dollar.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Foreign students can actually graduate from Canada in flying colours without spending much but the best way to achieve such without breaking your bank account is through a scholarship.

Hence, we are looking into the top 5 Canadian Scholarships for Undergraduates (available for foreign students).

1. RAISE.ME Scholarship for US students – University of Toronto, Canada

This scholarship program is available only for students from the United States. All subjects and courses are eligible for this scholarship.

The scholarship is available only for applicants who are applying for their first year of undergraduate courses via direct entry. Apply here.

2. Citizens of the World Scholarship – Laval University, Canada

This scholarship is available for all students from any part of the world. This scholarship program is not restricted to the undergraduate level, it’s also available for masters and postgraduate students in Laval University.

It is however important to note that only students that have been offered admission into Laval University are qualified for the scholarship. Students on the waiting list are not eligible.The deadline for this scholarship is 15 February, 2021. Apply here.

3. Memorial International Awards – University of Ottawa, Canada

This scholarship program is open to any student of any nationality, as far as she has been offered admission into Ottawa University in Canada.

However, this scholarship is only available for female Engineering students in Ottawa University. Apply here.

4. International Excellence Scholarships – Laurentian University, Canada

This scholarship is available for students from any country in the world. All you need to qualify is being a student of Laurentian University, and then an evidence of English language proficiency.

The courses covered by this scholarship are Science, Advertisements, Engineering, Economics, Environment, Visual Science, Health, Humanities and Music. Apply here.

5. Awards for International Students – Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

This scholarship program promises to cover all tution fees and it’s available for all students at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. This scholarship is eligible for any student from any country. It’s however available for only undergraduates. Apply here.

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