Top 5 Canadian Universities For International Students in 2021

It’s a general knowledge that Canada is one of the few best places for career opportunities. When it come to education, Canada is not left out.Canada houses many of the top universities world-wide. Among the best tertiary institutions in Canada, 30 are situated in Canada (according to Times Higher Education).

Education is more cheaper in Canada than in the US, not even to talk of the fact that the Canadian Dollar is lower in value than the US dollar. This alone has made Canadian education cheaper than American education.

Below are the top 5 Universities In Canada as of 2021:

University of Toronto

The university of Toronto is the first university in upper Canada. It is situated in Toronto, Ontario province in Canada.

Toronto university offers more than 700 undergraduate and about 200 postgraduate courses. When it come to the study of medicine in International standard, Toronto University is number one.

Toronto University is structure as a collegiate system, and it has 7 distinct colleges within it.

Notable achievements and Alumni from University of Toronto

The university of Toronto is a real achiever, considering the fact that it houses the first academic publishing house in Canada, the first forest science faculty in Canada and also the first Canadian University to reach an endowment worth 586 Million Euros.

The notable Alumni are the writers Michael Ondaatje and Margaret Atwood. 5 Canadian Prime Ministers also graduated from Toronto University, not to talk of the 10 noble Laurettes that passed through this citadel of learning.


University of British Columbia

Situated in the British Columbia Province, this university is also the oldest in the province. There are many scholarship Programs associated with this great University.

Notable achievement and Alumni from University of British Columbia

The University of Columbia has the largest cyclotron in the World. Three Canadian Prime Ministers also graduated from the University of British Columbia.


McGill University

Founded in 1821, McGill University is located in Montreal, Quebec province of Canada.

It’s faculty of medicine is the first and Oldest in Canada, and till this moment remains the best for clinical courses.


This university offers over 300 courses to more than 31,000 students from about 150 Countries.

Notable achievements and Alumni for McGill university

Singer and Song-writer Leonard Cohen and Actor William Shatner graduated from McGill University. This great citadel of learning is known as the most internationally diverse tertiary Institution in Canada.


McMaster University

Situated in Hamilton, Ontario Province in Canada. This university is named after William McMaster, a Canadian Senator and Banker that donated 900,000 Canadian Dollars to establish it.

There are many students from over 90 countries in McMaster University.


University of Montreal

Located in Montreal, Quebec province, this University is the second largest in Canada in terms of student population. 74% of her Students are on undergraduate degree programs.

Notable Alumni from University of Montreal

Louis R. Chênevert, the CEO of the United Technologies Corporation graduated from the University of Montreal, likewise 10 premiers of Quebec province including a former Prime Minister; Pierre Trudeau.