Becoming A Bank Manager |All You Need To Know

Let’s go through the steps involved in becoming a Bank Manager, it’s work activities, academic qualifications and the average annual income

Becoming a Bank Manager means you are tasked with the overseeing of the day to day activities of the bank. Let’s look a little deep into really who a bank manager is.

According to Collins dictionary, “a bank manager is someone who is in charge of a bank, or a particular branch of a bank, and who is involved in making decisions about whether or not to lend money to businesses and individuals.”

Becoming A Bank Manager In The United Kingdom| All You Need To Know
A bank manager monitors and assign duties to all other bank employees

A bank manager may work in a commercial, corporate or central bank. He/she controls and direct the bank staff as well as the resources. However, this is just the primary function of a bank manager in a bank setting. There’s a lot more to this profession.

Becoming a bank manager- Daily work activities

For each working day, a bank manager:

  • Monitors the individual employees performances.
  • Oversees the bank security and notify the headquarters of any security threats.
  • Creates new business leads.
  • Preparing and application of sales budget.
  • Approving of loans and lending services. A single loan can’t be given out unless the bank manager consents to it.
  • Checking through customers demands and ways to satisfy them.
  • There are many things a bank manager does, and above is just a few.
Becoming a bank manager- Special qualities needed
  • Unending passion to satisfy customer demands.
  • Strictness to bank employees when condition warrants.
  • Staying organized and serious minded throughout working hours.
  • Having formal manners and etiquettes.
  • Observant eyes and ears.
  • Distinctive verbal and vocal communication skills.
  • Honesty and self contentment (you were probably waiting for me to say this).
  • Fair treatment and impartiality to every employee, regardless of family or friendship status.

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Becoming a bank manager- Education and academic qualifications

It’s a fact know to all that there exists many ways through which one could get academically qualified for any post in the banking sector. However, the surest and most straightforward of all is graduating from an accredited University and obtaining (at least) a 2.1 in financial accounting, business administration, business management or any finance related course.

It’s not ending there. You might also need some working experience, as employers always prefer someone that already knows what the position entails.

Futhermore, having additional skills like computer literacy and knowledge of a second International language has always proven useful in the course of becoming a bank manager.

Becoming a bank manager- Miscellaneous information about this profession
  • To become a bank manager, you need at least two years working experience, although five years is advised.
  • In terms of academic qualifications, having a masters of business administration( MBA) is advisable.
  • It is advisable to have your bachelor’s degree in maths or financial accounting.
  • The average annual income of bank managers the UK revolves around £30,817 to £52,498.
  • The average annual income of bank branch managers in the United States revolves between 83,200 USD to 166,000 USD, depending on academic worth, years of experience and financial progress of the bank.
  • The average annual income of bank managers in Canada is between 107,000 CAD to 351,000 CAD.