Best Universities To Study Engineering In UK

Talking about the best universities to study engineering in UK, this blog post covers all departments within the engineering field. This includes mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engieering, computer engineering, agricultural engineering, electrical engineering in the United Kingdom (UK) and the others.

Here are the top 10 places in the UK to Study Engineering, based on International rankings.

The best universities to study engineering in UK, based on International rankings 2021
  1. University of Oxford, England.
  2. University of Cambridge, England.
  3. Imperial College London, England.
  4. University College London (UCL), England.
  5. University of Manchester, England.
  6. University of Edinburgh, Scotland.
  7. University of Sheffield, England.
  8. University of Birmingham, England.
  9. University of Bristol, England.
  10. University of Leeds, England.

Among the 10 best universities to study engineering in UK, we will look into the top 5 and see what each offers.

University of Oxford, England

Situated in England, Oxford University has 6 main engineering departments, each open to study. They include:

  1. Biomedical engineering.
  2. Chemical engineering.
  3. Civil engineering.
  4. Electrical engineering.
  5. Informational engineering.
  6. Mechanical engineering.

On completion of the 4-year course, the student will be presented a bachelor’s degree in Engineering.

University of Oxford also made available many master’s and doctoral degree courses. Some of them are engineering science, energy systems and nanotechnology in medicine.

University of Cambridge, England

Cambridge University is one of the best universities in the world. At the undergraduate level, this university offers 10 main courses:

  1. Aerospace and aerothermal engineering.
  2. Bioengineering.
  3. Civil engineering.
  4. Structural and environmental engineering.
  5. Electrical and electronic engineering.
  6. Electrical and information sciences.
  7. Energy, sustainability and the environment.
  8. Informational and computer engineering.
  9. Instrumentation and control engineering.
  10. Mechanical engineering.

The University of Cambridge also offer 6 postgraduate courses.

Imperial College London, England

The Imperial College London is a very distinguished citadel of learning for prospective engineers.

The main courses offered include:

  1. Aeronautical engineering.
  2. Biomaterials and tissue engineering.
  3. Biomedical engineering.
  4. Chemical engineering.
  5. Civil engineering.
  6. Design engineering.
  7. Electrical and electronic engineering.
  8. Electronic and information engineering.
  9. Materials engineering.
  10. Mechanical engineering.
  11. Molecular bioengineering.
University College London (UCL), England

The London College University is one of the most recognized universities worldwide, when it comes to engineering. This college university alone offers 23 degree courses for undergraduate students.

At the postgraduate level, there are also many available courses. Few of them are chemical process engineering, nanotechnology and naval architecture.

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University of Manchester, England

The university of Manchester is one of the best universities to study engineering in UK. The main courses offered are below:

  1. Chemical engineering.
  2. Computer engineering.
  3. Electrical and electronic engineering.
  4. Mechanical engineering.
  5. Aerospace engineering.
  6. Civil engineering.

The postgraduate programmes offered are mechanical engineering, structural engineering, aerospace engineering and other more.

There also exists many research programmes in the University of Manchester. They are mainly innovative manufacturing, modelling and simulation, nuclear engineering, and lots more.

Other ranking standards

Apart from international rankings, there are 2 other standards mainly used to rank the best universities to study engineering in UK.

  • QS Rankings 2021.
  • US News Global Rankings 2021.

QS Rankings 2021

According to the QS rankings, below are the top 10 universities to study engineering:

  1. University of Cambridge, England
  2. University of Oxford, England
  3. Imperial College London, England
  4. University of Manchester, England
  5. University College London (UCL), England
  6. University of Edinburgh, Scotland
  7. University of Southampton, England
  8. University of Sheffield, England
  9. University of Bristol, England
  10. University of Leeds, England. (See more here).

US News Global Rankings 2021

In accordance with the United States academic standards, here are the best 10 universities to study engineering courses:

  1. Imperial College London, England
  2. University of Cambridge, England
  3. University of Manchester, England
  4. University of Nottingham, England
  5. University of Oxford, England
  6. University College London (UCL), England
  7. University of Southampton, England
  8. Brunel University, England
  9. University of Leeds, England
  10. University of Strathclyde, England. (See more here).