Top 10 Summer Jobs For Students Near Me In The UK

A comprehensive list of the top 10 Summer Jobs for students near me in the UK 2021

A summer job is a job that is done during summer vacations. A summer job is often not longer than 3 months, but that doesn’t mean everyone is qualified. You still need to to write a presentable resume and great cover letters. Below are the top 10 Summer Jobs for students near me in the UK 2021.

What are the 10 highest paid jobs for students near me in the UK?

Private Teacher

This is also known as a private tutor. This can exist in many forms; mostly tutors in coaching classes, homeroom tutors or an online tutor.

The average pay per hour for this job is £18.87. Since this is the average pay, it means there are many tutors that actually recieve more than this.

Office Administrator

An office administrator does performs a long list of tasks. He/she is tasked with sending emails, constructing newsletters, taking charge of the phone and managing the office computer.

The average hourly income for this job is £12.50.

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Care Assistant

Working as a care assistant during summer vacations is very thoughtful, though it’s not related to your field of study (for most). You can easily do this if you are good looking, smart looking, patient and have gentle reaction to annoying situations.

The average hourly rate for this job is £9.45. However, the amount you recieve depends on the pocket size of the employer.

Customer Delivery Driver

This summer job obviously requires you to be able to drive flawlessly to destinations very fast, while also obeying traffic rules. Depending on your employer, you might need a clean driving record for this job.

The average hourly wage for this job is £9.41.

Exam Invigilator

This job is actually a type that has seasons for it. It’s not always available, and whenever it’s available the student might be busy with academic activities. However, some are often lucky to be on vacations during the exam periods.

The average pay per hour is £9.36.

Labouring Jobs

This jobs involves more of manual work. It can be in any field, be it construction, mining, cleaning, laundry, bush clearing or any other job involving manual labour.

Though it varies on the field and type of employer, the hourly wage should not be less than £9.00.

Warehouse Worker

A worker in a warehouse pack and load items into the delivery vehicle. It’s also more of manual work and it’s not in anyway related to your field of study.

The average pay per hour for this job is £8.61.

Customer Service Advisor

This type of job requires you to have great communication skills, fast typing and as well an audible voice. By being a customer service advisor, you attend to queries and complaints, you offer support over the phone, send emails and do other related work.

The hourly pay rate is £8.34 on the average scale.

Call Centre Agent

This is one of the best jobs you can secure during a summer vacation, if no the best. You get to work with big companies, firms and few business.
Here,you offer support to users of a service via phone calls. In that way you also improve your interactive skills.

The lowest hourly pay is often £8.15, which means there are many chances that you will be paid more than this.

Teaching Assistant

Here you will be working as an assistant to an employed teacher, substituting for make-up classes or both. You can also be handing some additional classes but no matter what happens, it won’t be a full-time schedule.

The average hourly pay for this summer work is not usually lesser than £8.00.

To become a fully pledged teacher, you will need to complete your education (if you are studying a course under education or it’s equivalent) and obtain your certificate.

The Bottom Line

Those are the top 10 summer jobs for students near me in the UK. Infact, almost 74% of International students in the UK depends on summer jobs to support their education. This is a fact stated and confirmed by Save the