Top 10 Vet Jobs in Australia | How to find Vet Jobs

An overview of the top 10 vet jobs in Australia and how to find vet nurse jobs

A veterinarian is a medical personnel that specializes in the treatment and care of animals. All love and care expected to be delivered to a human are also shown towards them. The top 10 vet jobs in Australia comprises of a list of careers within the veterinary field that are of high demand in 2021.

The top 10 vet jobs in Australia

Veterinary Surgeon

A veterinary surgeon is a medical personnel that is certified and licensed to treat animals. A veterinary surgeon performs surgical operations on animals and also treat their diseases.

According to Pay scale, the average annual income for veterinary surgeons in Australia is 72,925 AUD.

Veterinary Nurse

A vet nurse is in charge of the nursing, administration of care and monitoring of animal patients. A vet nurse provides support to a veterinary doctor.

The average hourly pay for a vet nurse in Australia is between $25 to $32.

Veterinary Assistant

In many countries, both a vet nurse and vet assistant are used interchangeably to refer to the same work. In Australia however, both titles are two different jobs with different qualifications and pay.

A vet assistant works under a vet nurse, although they perform almost same works. Not much education is needed to become a vet assistant.

The average hourly pay for a vet assistant is $21.84.

Animal Attendant or Trainer

Main work of an animal trainer is cleaning, feeding, grooming, monitoring and training of the entrusted animal.

The average weekly pay for this job is $975.

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Equestrian works

This are jobs related to training and care of horses. There type of jobs requires the worker to stay at the farm, or stables.

The average annual income for this job is 53,807 Australian dollars.

Dog Walker

A dog walker takes adequate care of domestic dogs, play and entertain them while also guiding them through routes.

The average hourly wage for this job is indeterminate, but it’s around 22.70 AUD.

Other veterinary jobs that are of high demands in Australia are:

  1. Kennel manager (20.50 AUD per hour).
  2. Dog Groomer (25.31 AUD per hour).
  3. Animal Health Inspector (43,000 AUD per annum).
  4. Animal Nutritionist (60,390 AUD every year).
How to find Vet jobs in Australia

Finding vet jobs in Australia is no big deal. For vet Nurses however, it’s way more easier. This is because veterinary nurses are scarce, since not many could meet it’s academic requirements and career dedication.

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Here are the various ways to discover veterinary jobs in Australia:

  1. Physical applications.
  2. Becoming associated members of a particular profession.
  3. Searching online.

To help with your online search, below are websites that will help you find vet nurse jobs and other jobs related to animal care.

  1. AVT jobs page.
  2. Kookaburra Vets.
  3. Vetlink Employment Service.
  4. Seek.
  5. Linkedin.

There are also animal clinics and health care facilities that announce vacancies in their website. You can try them out.

  1. Vet Partners.
  2. Greencross Vets.
  3. National Veterinary Care (NVC).
  4. Petstock Vet.