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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our  FAQs Page where we discuss and provide updated answers to everything that has to do with the frequently asked questions that you and many others who are applicants (those looking for jobs and immigration availability or vacancies) send to us or things you would like to know about this site and how to use it to find or get jobs abroad in countries such as Canada, UK, USA, Australia, Dubai and many other highly ranked countries that offer good paying jobs to foreigners.

Can I apply for immigration on this site?

Ans -  NO, you can't apply for immigration on this website, you only make use of the information we give you here for free, after then you move on with the recommended official (governmental) website to apply there, it is the government's responsibility to offer or approve Visa and/or immigration opportunities.


Ans - As our major objective, we provide useful, factful guides and news that covers immigration to various countries that includes but not limited to Canada, Australia, UK, USA etc.

The best thing you can do with the content/articles published on this website is to make use of the info and let it guide you when applying for immigration on the official governmental website of the country you (users) want to move to. 

Is this Job site real?
Do people truly get jobs here? How do I apply?

ANSWER - Simple, the answer is yes, the recommended job sites here are very real, people have gotten jobs from here, all you have to do is open the job description, and read it. The description will guide you through the process of applying.

There are 2 important things to take note of when you apply:

1. Use the Job reference number or ID - Always check the job description whether it has a Job ID or reference number. Most of them do. Use this number when applying on the official company site or state it in your mail when submitting CV.

2. Each job description we post here carries a medium through which you can apply for the job, it could be in form a website link that takes you the employers official website, another method is to use their official Email address.

So in conclusion, you must always check for the Job reference ID, and apply through - link provided or apply via Email provided within the job descriptions.

Once you follow our guide and job descriptions to get the Job ID, Company Email or/and on their official company site, you can now submit your details or requirements they ask from you, like your CV/Resume.
If successful, you will get an invite or a guidelines that will take you further to the next step on what to do.


NO, the service we give you here (https://www.vacancyhq.info/) is 100% Free.
We offer or share available opportunities, migration news, guides on job vacancies. scholarship grants and the information and offers are given to you here without asking you or any user(s) to pay anything.

Stay safe Online: Any programs/jobs that you are Applying and getting approved for, is totally based on your performance in your CV/Resume and interviews. We will never ask you to pay anything to get a job.
Please also see our Privacy Policy page to learn more.

Beware of fake immigration and/or employment schemes - Avoid fake jobs or fake immigration sites, avoid people and activities that will ask you to pay a token (money) before they give you job or any other offers. Beware Sometimes they may ask you to submit any private or sensitive information like your credit card or Security number etc.
Please Avoid such scammers, fraudulent sites, people and activities.

We are not affiliated or related to such bad practices or activities here and we will never ask you to give us anything like that.


Want to know if you are eligible to move to study or work abroad? Or would you like to know if you will be accepted to come overseas to have your dream job?

We normally post or share job vacancies that foreigners from any country can apply for but sometimes employers (the company owners) can place terms and conditions on the type of workers they need. Examples of such terms/requirement - Workers permits, Job experience, Education background, Visa status or duration, Age group, citizenship status, Green Card, White card etc.

Guides on how to be in line with their job terms and get these items for you to be eligible are already been discussed on this site if you search properly.

However, if you open and read the job or any opportunity descriptions published here, you will find almost everything you need to be eligible to apply and get that job available in that country.
Wishing you all, the very best in your career journey.